First Semester’s First Session Courses 2020

June 22 - August 21, 2020
(Online/Correspondence class)
 Monday, Wednesday, FridayTuesday, Thursday
 PSYC 141 General Psychology3SKNMYMA 102 Myanmar Language & Culture2TK
 Remedial English Level  I  (Reading, Writing)10alkRemedial English Level  I  (Reading, Writing)10alk
 ENGL 132 College English3T LiCIS 201 Data Processing2MKT
 ACCT 252 Intermediate Accounting3AMSHLED 224  Health Education & Promotion2MP
 ENGL 205 Intro. To English Literature3lchmRELH 487 History of the Church in Asia2MST
7:00-9:00 a.m.MGMT 200 Business Management3kck   
 RELP 351 Fund. & Methodology of Preaching3MST   
 ACCT 494 Computerized Financial Accounting3MZT   
 MGMT 423 Project Management3DLT   
 PSYC 321 Educational Psychology3TD   
 HOSC 303 Home Management3TK   
 RELB 401 Hebrew Prophets3CH   
 EDUC 471 Organization & Administration3PTN   
 RELH 203  Christian Beliefs3PKS   
 MAT 201 Probability & Statistics3SSRELH 105 Life and Teaching of Jesus2T Lay
 RELB 225 Jesus and the Gospels3MPENGL 211 Research Writing2it
9:00-11:00 a.m.HIST 247 His. of Myanmar & World Civil3kmwACCT 151 Accounting Principles5nam
 ACCT 151 Accounting Principles5namMGMT 331 Human Resource Management3szah
 ELED 331 Method of Teaching Mathematics3ttsELED 252 Methods of Teaching Science2tts
 RELB 405 Christian Theology3RSP   
 BUAD 301 Business Law3szah   
 FINA 405  Business Finance3DLT   
 EDUC 405   Classroom Testing & Evaluation3mmt   
 ACCT 321 Cost Accounting3LMK   
 Remedial English Level  I  (Speaking, Listening)10alkRemedial English Level  I  (Speaking, Listening)10alk
 ENGL 131 College English I 3mmtMYMA 101 Myanmar Language & Culture2ee
 ACCT 152 Accounting Principles5namACCT 152 Accounting Principles5nam
 ECON 201 Principles of Economics3smpNONC 011 Orientation1smp
 RELB 282 Spirit of Prophecy3TKWEDLS 261 Elementary School Library2nb
 RELH 243 History of the SDA Ch. In Asia3TKWRELB 291 The Book of Daniel2alk
11:00-1:00 p.m.ACCT 251 Intermediate Accounting3AMSENGL 321 Creative Writing2it
 ENGL 215 English Composition2itBIOL 301 Environmental Science2kmw
 ELED 311 Language Arts Method3eeCIS 301  Management Information System2DLT
 RELP 329 Healing Ministry3kshCHEM 371 General Chemistry2hl
 RELH 301 Eschatology3MST   
 EDUC 354 Audio Visual Method3TD   
 HLED 442 Field Practicum3hl   
 ACCT 401 Advanced Accounting I3MZT   
 RELB 412 Sanctuary Service3PTN   
          Remedial Level II 5ZLM         Remedial Level  II 5ZLM
 HLED 112 Anatomy & Physiology II3hlPHSC 101 Fund. of Physical Science2mmt
 MKTG  330 Selling & Sales Mgt.3kckCIS 203 Power Point2MKT
1:00-3:00 p.m.MGMT 355 Total Quality Management3szahRELB 301 Adv. Apocalyptic Literature2SK
 EDUC 426 Guidance & Counseling3SKNELED 244 Method of Teaching Music2st
 ENGL 325 American Literature3lchmHLED 231 Community Health2ksh
 RELB 325 Pauline Epistles3PTN   
 SOCI 132 Intro. to Social Study3kmw   
 EDUC 210 Integration of Faith & Learning3SKNHLED 121 Principles of Health1MP
3:00-5:00 p.m.HOSC 241 Food & Nutrition/Basic Nutrition3kshEDUC 221 Classroom Management2tts
 RELH 301 History of Christian Church3PKSPHIL 251 Introduction to Philosophy2PKS
 PSYC 322 Child Psychology3TDELED 316 Method of Teaching Bible & Rel.2st
 ELED 415  Reading Methods3st   
 RELP 481 Biblical Servant Leadership3SK   

Business Courses, First Semester 2020

Accounting Principles 5NAM
Accounting Principles 5NAM
Intermediate Accounting 3AM
Intermediate Accounting 3AM
Human Resource Management3SZA
Business Law3SZA
Total Quality Management3SZA
Business Management3KCK
Business Finance3DLT
Principles of Economics3SMP
Cost Accounting3LM
Management Information System2DLT
Project Management3DLT
Acdvanced Accounting3MZT
Computerized Financial Accounting3MZT
Selling and Sales Management3KCK

New Venture Financing3NAM
Industrial Psychology3AM
Business Ethics2KCK
Business Policy and Strategy 3SZA
Small Business Management3KCK
Business Communication2KCK
Auditing 3LM
Material Management3MZT
Denominational Accounting3LM
Business Statistics3TBA
Computer Business Application3MZT
International Business 3DLT
Management and Organization3LM
Company Law 2SZA

Note** Course offer under Additional Request Courses with "TBA" are subject to availability of teacher.

Fundamental of Investment3TBA
Management Accounting3TBA
Business Statistics3TBA
Financial Analysis3NAM

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